SAP implementation and consulting

We are helping enterprises in the implementation of business systems and ERP systems.

When an enterprise reaches a critical extent, when the processes cannot be manageable anymore through spreadsheet programs and on paper, then sooner or later comes the need to have a professional business system. The goal is the implementation of an integrated system that can store the data correctly and consistently and on the other hand from which the data can be reported, extracted, and formed into information. We are offering a solution for this for the small and medium-sized enterprises with the product of SAP Business One.

We are mapping, getting to know our Partner’s business, understanding the operation, helping to reorganize the processes, delivering the licenses, executing those necessary developments, settings which are crucial for the system to be able to work impeccably. The system implementation’s elemental parts are the training, the support, the quick assistance lending further on if any difficulties come up.

Main steps of SAP initiation

Main steps of SAP initiation

The SAP Business One supports the sales and customer handling, the procurement and stock management, the finance management, the human resources section and not lastly the management with the help of analytics and reports. Because the business information is available in one integrated system, they are easily and quickly accessible for every field of the enterprise and hereby the processes become transparent and the expenses decrease along with the mistakes.

We undertake consulting services for big enterprises with SAP ECC and S/4 Hana systems, for small and medium-sized enterprises with SAP Business One.

In the large business sector, our main competence is production, but we are providing consultancy in the service area too. During the past few years, we realized projects in the following fields: 

  • Machine manufacturing
  • Vehicle industry
  • Electronics
  • Agriculture
  • Food industry
  • Building industry
  • Education


During the consulting, our primary task is to understand those business processes which are running a business and to translate all of those to the language of IT. The consultant always works as a sort of interpreter between the two worlds, understands the business and translates it to the language of the programmer, so that these custom, operation-related information could be fitted into a sustainable, integrated system.

Our SAP consultants are receiving huge help from a proper professional developer team behind them who can develop fully comprehensive systems based on the needs defined by the consultants.


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