Privacy Policy

This document gives information about how we handle your personal data and what kind of rights do you have regarding to the personal data handled by us. This privacy policy was made on the grounds of the Europian Union’s related regulation (Regulation 2016/679 of the Parliament and Council of the European Union, henceforth: GDPR) and the inland law (2011. CXII. law about the informational self-determination law and information freedom, a henceforth: Info law.)

1.) The controller’s contact details

Name: BlueBAX Solutions Kft.
Location: 7635 Pécs, Nagydeindoli street 12.
Company registration number: 02-09-084415
Tax number: 26746094-2-02
Phone number: 0036 30 863 49 34
E-mail address:
Controller’s representative: Késmárki Gergely Tibor
Controller’s representative: Tér István

2.) Contact details of the data protection officers

Name of the data protection officer Address of the data protection officer Phone number of the data protection officer
Tér István 7761 Kozármisleny, Jácint street 34. 0036 30 863 49 34
Késmárki Gergely Tibor 7635 Pécs, Nagydeindoli street 12. 0036 30 863 49 34

3.) Persons connected with data management
Natural persons who give their personal data on the website on the Contact form.

4.) Circle of the handled personal data
Name, company name, status, email address, phone number

5.) Goal of the data management
The data management’s goal is for us to be able to react via e-mail, phone or in person to your contact inititation made through the website.

6.) Claim of the data management
Your voluntary contribution (GDPR 6. item, (1) paragraph, data management according to point a) ).

7.) Mode of data management
The data given by you will arrive in email form and also it will be stored in the website’s database.

8.) Adatfeldolgozók igénybevétele
We won’t use a data processor for the processing of the personal data involved in this data handling.

9.) Duration of data management
We will handle and store your data until you withdraw the consent to handle them.

10.) Data transmission
We won’t transmit your personal data towards a third party, as data processor.

11.) Automated decision making
There will be no automated decision making based on the 4. point personal data.

12.) Your rights regarding to the handling of your personal data
According to the protocol of the GDPR and the Info law you are entitled to following, personal data handling-related rights:

  • consent withdraw,
  • access to personal data and information about the data management,
  • data correction,
  • data handling restriction,
  • personal data deletion,
  • objection right,
  • portability right.

We are answering the complaints about data management at the latest in 30 days via email.

13.) Legal remedy possibilites
If you believe I have violated any law disposal regarding to the data management, or if I haven’t completed any of your request, then you can initiate an investigational procedure by the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information in order to terminate the illicit data handling (mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Post office box.: 5., e-mail: