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At blueBAX we believe it’s particulary important that we are achieving the goals of our enterprise together with our team, that we are creating the enterprises’ digital transformation together and we are building an up to date IT world for our Clients. At blueBAX we are committed to the fact that in order to reach our goals we have to create the inspiring environment and athmosphere for our team members which forms and sustains the sense of togetherness.

fontosnak tartjuk, hogy együtt hozzuk létre a vállalkozások digitális átalakulását és korszerű IT világot építsünk Ügyfeleink számára

Already at the foundation of blueBAX we came to the determination that we do not want to create a classical place of work and we are building our enterprise ever since by this spirit. At blueBAX you do not have to fulfill the working hours and in our mids it is not an allowance that for example we have a modern, comfortable office where we shaped up high-tech workstages, because we believe these are basic values. For us as employers the most important thing is that our team members could be simultaneously free and committedand to proceed towards our mutual goals as a truly efficient team.

fontosnak tartjuk, hogy együtt hozzuk létre a vállalkozások digitális átalakulását és korszerű IT világot építsünk Ügyfeleink számára
blueBAX - Pécs, karrier

We are working hard in order to draw the best talents and when they find us they would stay with us for a long time.

We would like to work exclusively with the bests, we are looking for exceptional team members because for us it does matter whom we are working with. In return for their professionalism we are doing everything for their long-term enthusiasm and for them to have a really good time.

Our team members are facing challenges on a daily basis and they are feeling motivated. Everybody receives the proper support whenever they need it, if we are talking about professional development, we are ensuring continuous training opportunities for everyone. At blueBAX the way we are working together is as important as the actually performed altogether work.

The responsible growth means for us that during our work we are seeking after the establishment of long-term partnership which approach doesn’t only prevails in the cooperation with our Clienst, but pervades in the innovation and setting of our team too.

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High level freedom



Direct co-workers

Pleasant office

blueBAX Solutions Kft. - 7624 Pécs, Jurisics Miklós u. 4.

Take a look at our office!

We shaped our office in a way that it would secure a comfortable, modern and inspiring environment for every co-worker so that everybody could bring out the best in themselves.

Current job offers

There is no job offer at this time.

The selection process

The selection process ordinary lasts for two months but there can be deflection at certain positions depending on the number of applicants and requirements.


You can apply to the selected position by sending a professional CV to the following e-mail address: hr@bluebax.com


We are sending a confirmation at the receiving of the application to the given e-mail adress.

Interview by telephone

If your CV met the requirements at the prefiltration, we are going to call you.

Personal interview

At the personal interview there will be an informal conversation where you can get to know our business and our team more and we can get to know your professional experiences, expectations.


As the last step of the selection process we are notifying every applicant about our decision in writing.


We are asking you to apply in every case with a photographic, detailed professional CV together with the marking of the payment claim! In the subject field please state the appellation of the selected position.

We are waiting for you application in the undermentioned e-mail adress:

You couldn’t find a suitable job offer for You in the current section? But you are interested in our team and you would like to work with us?
All you have to do is send us your CV! 

In this case our Co-worker will get ahold of You and a combined creative process can be started!

We are preserving the material of those who are applying for us for two years and we are letting you know if a position adequate your qualification and training will be available at our company during this time.

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